I Have a Question for You

Hi Friends - As my first subscribers, I'd love to know what you think about putting all of my writing here or having a separate platform for my personal and memoir writing?

I leaped into setting up this Substack with a focus on supremacy culture and safe relating because people let me know they'd support my new work financially. I feel good about sharing other informational and persuasive writings here, but I've also been a public writer of personal content for 21 years through blogs and social media and I'm wondering if I should put it all in one place or keep it separate. I'm inclined toward all one place because I've always operated that way, being all of myself in my digital spaces. Now being paid for my work makes me think I should be aware of what my subscribers desire. So your feedback, especially from paid subscribers, would be helpful. You can comment on the post or email me at aprilcherimagic at gmail dot com.

I appreciate you and your support so much. This whole endeavor has been life changing for me.