Human Beings Are Not Toxic

Human beings aren't toxic. To label people as such is to objectify & dehumanize them from a superiority stance (they're a poison instead of person). 

The culture in which we're conditioned to superiority & dehumanization is toxic and poisons all of our minds. The supremacist behaviors we all act out based on this conditioning are toxic.

Every single one of us causes hurt & harm. Everyone acts out of self interest at a cost to others. Everyone exhibits toxic traits when in pain or afraid. Everyone seeks to coerce & control others to soothe or avoid our pain.  

As much as we talk about trauma, we seem to forget there are reasons people become violent & abusive. We treat everyone with harmful behaviors as if they're evil & unredeemable, when the reality is that they're in deep pain and/or fear and/or acting out what they were conditioned to do by family, school, and culture. 

Men are conditioned by patriarchy to dehumanize women. White people are conditioned to dehumanize BIPOC folk. People with money are conditioned to hoard. All of us are conditioned to coerce & control ourselves into culture's expectations. All of us are conditioned to behave in certain ways in relation to the "other." 

Reading IG posts or reading a few books isn't enough to overcome conditioning at the magnitude we experience it. The expectation that everyone simply snap out of it is unrealistic & unfair. We need to be real about what it takes to overcome conditioning - reconditioning by repeating new practices. In addition to intellectual education and analysis, we need to embody new ways of being through practice.  

I notice people with a good analysis who simultaneously practice supremacy behaviors - judgment, condemnation, blaming, shaming, essentialism, treating people as one dimensional, etc. This is because intellectualizing isn't enough. To transform ourselves we need the integration that happens with embodied practice. If we desire to get out of these circles of conflict about how we transform and move toward actual transformation, we need to try something more than writing & reading analysis. We need to practice new ways of relating to each other.