Contempt Culture & the Election

Originally Posted on Instagram November 6th

I wish people understood how much of what they post about the election is contemptuous and based in supremacy/superiority thinking, which is the foundational issue that needs to be reckoned with in ourselves and our culture. To shame people for not voting or how they voted is to claim that one's beliefs and actions are superior to theirs. Demanding White people "get their people in line" is an attempt to coerce some people into coercing other people into a specific way of thinking, all of which is a violation of sovereignty. 

It is not appropriate or healthy for us to take responsibility for someone else's sovereignty, despite how our cultural mythology perpetuates this idea. Notice how often people take responsibility or blame for other people's actions in our storytelling. It happens all the time - like a hero will often claim they are somehow responsible for what a villain does. The reality is the racist down the street is a sovereign being who is responsible for their own choices and actions. I'm not responsible for them, I'm responsible for how I relate to them, as well as my own participation and collusion in supremacy culture.  

We cannot change people, they can only change themselves. It's violent to attempt to force ourselves and our views on people who aren't interested. That's exactly what Trump and supremacists of all kinds do, force their beliefs on everyone else. 

There are always going to be supremacists. Rather than waste our energy and violate our anti-supremacist integrity trying to change those people because we believe we know better, we need to contribute our gifts toward creating cultures of justice, liberation, and care. That's the only change we truly have the power to make. And we will draw more people toward these things if we show them another world is possible. We suffer from a crisis of imagination and more words won't change that. Living examples of a new culture will. 

Our work is not to coerce people toward our way, it is to make the culture and systems as just and liberatory and caring as possible. If we truly want change, we need to put all this time and energy spent trying to coerce individual people through social media posts and arguments into making actual changes in our local communities, whether that's participating in mutual aid projects or local politics or whatever. 

If you want to abolish the racist electoral college, you need to take political action to do so. If you want to abolish police, you need to take action in your city to do so. But you will never be able to abolish the way individuals think and believe. Any attempt to do so is perpetuating supremacy culture.